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  • Twistor Geometry and Non-Linear Systems: Review Lectures given at the 4th Bulgarian Summer School on Mathematical Problems of Quantum Field Theory, Held at Primorsko, Bulgaria, September 1980.
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  • Adaptive Computing in Design and Manufacture VI.

If you wish a copy of any, please do not hesitate to ask me by e-mail. Cardona , Process synthesis for fuel ethanol production from lignocellulosic biomass using an optimization-based strategy , Proceedings of the World Renewable Energy Congress IX and Exhibition, Florence. Paper BM International Journal of Quantum Chemistry Computer-aided Chemical Engineering, 20A, Elsevier, A Zilinskas, E.

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  5. Fraga, A. Varoneckas Engineering application was evident as early as the mid-sixties when the founders of the various techniques achieved some success with computing resources that had difficulty coping with the population-based search characteristics of the evolutionary algorithms. Unlike more conventional, deterministic optimisation procedures, evolutionary algorithms search from a population of possible solutions which evolve over many generations.

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    This largely stochastic process demands serious computing capability especially where objective functions involve complex iterative mathematical procedures. Established Evolutionary Search Algorithms. Evolutionary Constraint Satisfaction and Constrained Optimisation. Adaptive Search and Optimisation Algorithms. Initial Application.

    Evolutionary and Adaptive Computing in Engineering Design

    The main theme of the series relates to the integration of evolutionary and adaptive computing technologies with design and manufacturing processes whilst also taking into account complementary advanced computing technologies. Evolutionary and adaptive computing techniques continue to increase their penetration of industrial and commercial practice as awareness of their powerful search, exploration and optimisation capabilities becomes ever more prevalent, and increasing desk-top computational capability renders stochastic population-based search a far more viable proposition.

    There has been a significant increase in the development and integration of commercial software tools utilising adaptive computing technologies and the emergence of related commercial research and consultancy organisations supporting the introduction of best practice in terms of industrial utilisation. The book is comprised of selected papers that cover a diverse set of industrial application areas including engineering design and design environments and manufacturing process design, scheduling and control. Various aspects of search, exploration and optimisation are investigated in the context of integration with industrial processes including multi-objective and constraint satisfaction, development and utilization of meta-models, algorithm and strategy development and human-centric evolutionary approaches. The role of agent-based and neural net technologies in terms of supporting search processes and providing an alternative simulation environment is also explored.

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    This collection of papers will be of particular interest to both industrial researchers and practitioners in addition to the academic research communities across engineering, operational research and computer science.