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I also love that song because Josh is singing on it, and I always love singing with him. Like that gargoyle on the gothic spire. With Armstrong and Alge at the helm, Aimee and the Bivona brothers channeled the raw energy of their lives shows by recording almost entirely to tape. It was definitely high-pressure, but also really fun. Something happens when Badflower singer and guitarist Josh Katz steps up to the microphone. His primal, powerful, and passionate transformation is the most unmitigated kind of catharsis fueled by emotion and unfiltered intensity…. I embrace it and keep writing in that direction.

Little did he know, they had a big surprise up their sleeves. Recorded during a blazing hot California summer, the sessions got so intense that their MacBook Pro often needed to cool down in the freezer. Wielding that energy, the music taps into a gritty and grunge-y gutter rock spirit complemented by jarring theatrical delivery and unshakable riffing, equally informed by Led Zeppelin and nineties Seattle as it is by film composers such as James Horner.

Most people play that victim role. You have the power to get out of it, but you are content there. A high-spirited rock band with blue collar roots, they truly found themselves when Brett quit school in to join them as lead singer. That record was an immediate hit on the Canadian radio rock landscape. The subsequent creative outburst resulted in an album written in 12 days and recorded in And we had been in the studio with a couple of other producers prior to that and went home empty handed.

They wanted us to challenge ourselves as players and songwriters and pushed me to write from personal experience. After that, the hardest part of recording was choosing which songs to keep for the album. Which is perfectly fitting for a band living young and foolish. He has created his own blend of alternative rock: poetry, guitar-hooks and break-beats with a fierce determination to make a dent in pop-culture.

There was only legend until cultures were collected. Once told as a cautionary tale of two neighborhood kids, their story mutated into a reflection on the horrors of the society that produced them. What happened between those early days in the neighborhood and the present day is often debated.

Gardens were made of concrete and a reality sustained only by dreams of places where the train tracks went. Pops was hard because hard makes leaders in the human chain of command. Thieves and liars giving way to an influential artist elected to rebuild a crumbling nation? Jean and Eaddy kept lampin in overlapping circles of connected streets, bordering cities and shuffled between under funded public schools. Mental hard-drive uploads with flow served to drive them to finally jump on that train to see what else was out there and what they found changed them irrevocably.

Eaddy began branching out, bringing hardcore like Bad Brains back home with him. They were armed only with a pawn shop sampler and the power to influence. Born to lose in Jersey, reborn in NYC and subsequently reimagined Rewired to spread a promise for the next emancipation from time. The gospel, the vibration, hardcore punk, rage and rhyme — theOGM and Yeti Bones emerge transformed into weapons of mass expression and the spectacle known today only as Ho99o9 horror.

Then just like that, Ho99o9 vanished from the east coast, allegedly recruited into a beat laboratory in Los Angeles. They baptized in blood and emerged wrapped in a sound that had not yet been heard.

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A congregation gathered in a scene of like-minded mutants and L. And Today — a new nation rises to smash the guise of the god-head. Their signature sound has been featured throughout television and entertainment. McKeown stomps so hard during his rough and intricate dirty blues, you thought he would make a hole in the stage… A must see. His previous success followed him into music, touring over the next 2 years, twice around the UK with the band, he got the bug but decided it was time to go solo. Twelve months in and Maz is on fire. After the PA had sputtered out for the second time, Gagneux turned to the audience, his slight frame and clouds of black hair silhouetted against the blue lights and mounds of gear, an apologetic grin upon his face.

He sang back the next line, and back came the thunderous chorus, rising from several hundred throats. That call-and-response only lasted a few seconds, but its impact reverberated through the rest of the festival. Lest we forget, Gagneux possesses an incredibly powerful, versatile voice, as well as a thoroughly original sound and the chops to pull it all together seamlessly. As a result of a racist comment, he stumbled onto a winning combination: a purposefully unholy conflagration of African-American spirituals, chain gangs songs, the blues, and Satanic black metal that drew lines between Scandinavia and the Delta, summoning both the blasphemous evils of the North and the bloodstained history of the South.

The past year has been a whirlwind for Gagneux and his band, with invitations to play massive festivals like Reading and Leeds colliding with offers to open for Prophets of Rage and Marilyn Manson. I, for one, am very excited. Finally, Kurt Ballou mixed the record and unsurprisingly did a stellar job at it.

On this album, Gagneux has refined his genre-spanning sound into an utterly cohesive signature, one that transitions seamlessly between its elements and embraces even more outside influences, electronic and organic alike. That commitment to change is something, at least—a glimmer of light in a world that so often intentionally plunges itself into darkness. The fourth full-length from Basement, Beside Myself is an intimate look at the drawbacks of living in your own head, and the attempt to shake off everyday anxieties. But for all its intense introspection and confessions of self-consciousness, Beside Myself centers on a powerful, passionately charged sound that makes every track feel deeply cathartic.

A relentless burst of pure vitality, the album expresses its unrest in the language of furious guitar riffs and visceral rhythms. In creating the album, Basement focused on channeling the raw energy of their live performance, adding little adornment beyond the occasional synth line or piano melody. With its eerily ethereal guitar tones, the song is threaded with plainspoken yet piercing lyrics e. Any band that has earned an army of devout followers through dropping seven killer full-lengths — and touring their collective ass off for sixteen years — could perhaps be forgiven for thinking they could take it easy as they wade into their eighth release.

Rather than meticulously plan things out or stick rigidly to any kind of template, when it comes to writing, The Black Dahlia Murder prefer to let things happen organically. In the hands of guitarist Brian Eschbach — who co-founded the band with Strnad in — and new recruit Brandon Ellis Arsis, ex-Cannabis Corpse , Nightbringers is rich with dynamic riffs that are at once fresh and classic TBDM, resulting in a collection that shifts through many moods and effortlessly incorporates various elements of extreme metal.

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He really took the reins, and this record is also the most involved that Alan Cassidy drums has been too. I also think as we get older the emotional content goes up. I think we better realize how to grip the listener. Upon first hearing the latter, Strnad was intent on matching its visceral intensity. She finds her moment to take it from her, cutting it right out of her stomach.

We are the rulers of the darkened hours that the Christian good fears. A lot of archaic ideas that are still upheld — such as marriage and monogamy — came from Christianity, whether people want to acknowledge it or not, and to me, death metal has always been bucking that. Rather than decamp to a single studio, the members split off when it came time to start laying down the songs — all well versed in how to get the best out of their individual performances.

Ellis then recorded his many blistering solos in his home studio, while Strnad opted to record at his home in Auburn Hills, Michigan with Joe Cincotta Suffocation, Internal Bleeding of Full Force Studios overseeing his sessions. In many ways, Technology — released February 2nd, via SharpTone — is custom made to conquer the big spaces they will be playing throughout the UK, America, Australia and Japan in and beyond. The album opens with the title track and sets the tone for the record, which is an inventive, intelligent and infectious piece of work taking a frank look at modern day life.

It is a song partly inspired by Rob watching the Netflix documentary The White Helmets and the global atrocities that bypass our daily attention. It affected me so much. While writing the song it was also a difficult time for me emotionally, and one night I found myself in a club where the DJ was playing the Baywatch theme tune. That was the start of the process by which I came to realise there was light at the end of the tunnel.

This song is about going through hell and coming out the other side stronger for it. Next up, Come Out To LA — a 3-minute second explosion of sarcasm aimed squarely at the music industry: an anti-hit that deserves to be a huge hit. We had someone taking us to fancy meals, promising us the world, and in our naivety we lapped it all up. This delicate balance of human relationships is expanded on Tightrope. Porkies, however feels like a revolution as it builds into a huge, propulsive riff.

The aggression makes sense when you find out what inspired it. You can call it xenophobia but I see xenophobia and racism as very interchangeable — in my view we are all the same people. They still mix massive hooks and brilliant melodies with wry observational lyrics, but this time they want to make you think bigger and more critically too. In , the duo encountered vocalist Briton Bond and, shortly after, bassist Chris Gaylord and drummer Stephen Kluesener were incorporated into the mix. Wage War marks their territory with from-the-heart lyrics and thrashing beats that transcend to a community who understands the trials and tribulations of growing up all too well.

The band delivers 11 tracks of uncompromising multi-dimensional metalcore, filled with high-intensity rhythms, battering drums and blazing guitars, tempered with tuneful vocal passages. Crushing breakdowns alongside a combination of roaring and melodic vocals prove powerful enough to level a small village. So we really went all out to deliver the best songs we could possibly write and play them to the best of our ability. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised. Riding high from their most successful two-and-a-half years together yet, Hands Like Houses return with -Anon.

The most charismatic album of their career, their fourth record marries who Hands Like Houses are as individuals into an assured yet fun collection of songs that begs the audience to take a deeper listen. In the context of the album, each is its own anonymous piece to relate to — each is built around a shared human experience or perspective. Some bands play it safe when it comes to taking their next steps.

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You Are We was basically a demo for this record. An explosive, relentless four-minute anthem, it takes everything you know and love about While She Sleeps — clattering riffs, bruising breakdowns, snarling lyrics and big-ass singalongs — and sticks them in a blender. With a bigger platform to get their music into the world and a firestorm of a first single released, is shaping up to be the year of While She Sleeps. For a band that have spent over a decade redefining modern metal, it seems the best is yet to come.

They sold out theaters on their first-ever headlining tour and steal the show at each major festival. The ghost of Charlie Chaplin was surely some sort of unseen guide as they took up residence in his old home and rehearsed continuously in a basement. Not long ago, they slept in that SUV outside a Motel 6, unable to afford to rent a room. The label offered them a contract the same night. Their tours are like a traveling circus. Gretsch guitar tones that shimmer with reverb, drums that shake and pound, vocals that claw forth with the electric urgency of the early punk movement, all swirling together with the swinging cool of the s and the swagger of latter day Brit Pop bands such as The Libertines and early Arctic Monkeys.

Each show comes with an element of unpredictability and danger, with the three guys playing as if their lives depended on it, pure showmanship over perfectionism. Music and emotion share a timeless physiological, psychological, and spiritual bond. A chord, a melody, or a lyric can lift spirits and inspire. Movements achieve that sort of reaction on their full-length debut, Feel Something [Fearless Records]. Threading together spacey guitars, evocative and introspective lyricism, ponderous spoken word, and tight songcraft, the Southern California quartet—Patrick Miranda [vocals], Ira George [guitar], Spencer York [drums], and Austin Cressey [bass]—immediately connect by opening up….

All we care about is that it makes you Feel Something. That musical empathy quietly launched Movements on an upward trajectory in Formed by longtime friends, the group landed a deal with Fearless Records after just one local gig. Along the way, the boys started working on what would become Feel Something before returning to the studio with Yip in February In the sessions, their signature style crystallized and coalesced. For the full-length, we were all on the same page.

Everything matured. We solidified our identity as a rock band. Our guitar tones are more complex. We wanted to write a cool fucking rock record with a song for everybody. He keeps asking to see her. That crushes me. I wanted to tell that story. Ultimately, Movements bring emotion to life in each note. Loaded with sing-alongs and an unsuspecting dose of humor to make otherwise grim topics accessible for fans of every genre, the songs remain deeply rooted in the tradition of story-telling that seems to be slipping away from the human condition.

For the press release, I basically just wrote down my experiences going into and my purpose for this record and same thing, use it as you please or if you want me to do something else entirely, let me know. I know Kevin wanted me to dig deep and get personal so I did. More than create, I listened.

At a bar, while eating dinner, at the DMV. It had to be simple, direct and honest. At the start, it seemed logical to learn this process by taking the worst people and trying to find the humanity in them. I wrote some songs about serial killers and realized that no matter how despicable their crimes were, everything was still rooted in the human condition with the same basic need to be needed, to feel valued, to have worth. Through this learning process, I realized there was actually something so much more dangerous than the people committing heinous crimes and it was stained so deeply into the fabric of our daily lives.

Doubt and the depression it leaves us stranded in. Every experience is clearly different but for me, all of a sudden, it felt like I was living in a well so deep that if I shouted up for help, it would be lost on the way and never heard. For some reason, I refused to talk to my friends and family about it. So this record was born. I saw people around me falling into the well but as I started paying attention, I saw people climbing out of it too.

This is where Ross Robinson comes in. He allowed me to become and guided me towards being the best vessel I could be to filter these stories through. We sat there and accepted what wanted to come through, what wanted to be heard. It was the first process of recording that ever made complete sense with absolutely no filter or veil to compensate for the sounds. Everything, recording, mixing mastering, to tape!

Then Brad Wilk added his pulse to it and it felt like together we had given life to these stories that otherwise are sounds and lyrics filling space. Having toured with peers such as The Amity Affliction, Motionless In White and Blessthefall, among others, The Plot In You has garnered a loyal fanbase while establishing themselves as notable contenders in the alternative scene.

With their signing to Fearless Records, the group prepares to undertake a new journey with a fresh vision. The band is currently putting the finishing touches on their new album, slated for a Fall release. In , with a wealth of material accrued since their formation, they took a break from city life and isolated themselves in a wi-fi-free Welsh cottage. During that time they tightened up their existing material and wrote additional tracks, which formed the basis for their debut album, Dream Soda; they claimed it was a concept album based on a theme of consumerism.

In support of Dream Soda, they embarked on a European tour and the U. Fans of rock music rejoice because Teenage Wrist are here to remind you why distorted guitars, dreamy vocals and massive dynamics never go out of style. The band—Kamtin Mohager bass, vocals , Marshall Gallagher guitar, vocals and Anthony Salazar drums —formed in and instantly made a name for themselves with their debut EP, Dazed.

You realize the world is bigger, brighter and more terrifying then you ever imagined and the title track is us acknowledging that and jumping out into that world. Best friends since kindergarten, frontman Luke Gruntz and drummer Ian Fraser have an enviable connection that translates into a powerfully unified expression of sound. With a bastardized bass amp and split signal, Gruntz simultaneously commands the range of bass and guitar topped with provocative blues grooves and take-down breakdowns. In early , the pair recorded their first EP 14 in its entirety in a single studio session and was later dubbed one of the most promising acts for by Skillful, creative musicianship paired with undeniably magnetic energy set Dirty Honey apart from their contemporaries.

Evan Konrad sonically architected an alternative world all by hand. Born and raised in Abbotsford, BC Canada, the singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist devoted his entire life to crafting music. Growing up in a house where creativity would be encouraged at every turn, he spent countless hours writing songs and producing.

Following stints recording and on the road with other artists, he locked himself away in the studio and commenced work on what would become his forthcoming debut. With nothing more than a few songs on his private SoundCloud link shared by his manager, he caught the attention of LAVA founder Jason Flom who signed him on the spot—because of the downright mind-blowing songcraft.

From their live shows to their recording techniques, they keep integrity to who they are and how they believe their music should sound. Whatever you need; work up a sweat, cool off, or cool out, rock and roll muscle pop is here to get you keyed up and ready to win. His other notable TV credit is The Celebrity Apprentice, where he is proud to have been the first celebrity thrown off the show.

Spoken word poet. Henry currently hosts a weekly radio show on L. In , Henry received the prestigious Ray Bradbury Creativity Award in recognition for his lifelong contribution to the arts, his passion for social activism, as well as his intense passion for the importance of maintaining books and libraries.

Pauly remains hard at work on a historical documentary of his life spanning the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s about his life growing up at The Comedy Store in West Hollywood. Eleanor is the latest in a long line of historically funny women who cut their teeth at the World Famous Comedy Store. Starting out as a waitress there, Eleanor learned the ropes of comedy, all the while making the best comics in the country laugh, in the kitchen of the club.

It would take several years and lots of pushing from one of her biggest fans, Andrew Dice Clay, to finally get her to take her comedic talents to the stage. After seeing her one woman show, Andrew would no longer take no for an answer. Her hilarious take on life comes from her unique experiences growing up street-savvy in South Philly, as one of 10 children in a very Irish-Catholic family. She paints an uproarious portrait of her life experiences, beginning with her childhood in a three bedroom row home and moving to her adventures as an adult living in L.

Eleanor is also a graduate of the esteemed Joanne Baron and D. Shapel Lacey is an American comedian born and raised in Mesa, Arizona. A diehard punk rocker and former award-winning competitive cheerleader, Shapel found ways to express himself and own his individuality at an early age. Shapel was cheerleading competitively for University of Louisville when someone dared him to take the stage as a comedian and he never looked back, dropping out shortly thereafter to pursue a career in stand up full-time.

His unique life experiences such as being adopted by a white family at 15 , punk rock mentality, and stage presence combined make for a truly original voice in the community. Carmen has also performed for the troops in Iraq and Kuwait, and continues to tour in Spanish-speaking countries doing standup in Spanish.

Modern media insists we categorize talent— you know, put folks in boxes according to their entertaining skill set. It works fine for the one-dimensional. You get my drift. Which brings us to the hydra-headed multi-faceted, standup comic, impressionist, actor, renaissance freak yes, freak genius, Craig Gass. His eclectic resume is scripted from two decades of working rooms, following leads, embarrassing and endearing strangers while building a modest and devoted fan base. Craig began doing standup in by hitting the grueling, bumpy comedy circuit road and cultivating his craft in whatever crappy bar or club would have him.

Shortly into the new millennium, shock radio kingpin, Howard Stern, took Craig under his massive, media wing. The Mt. Kevin James character hires Craig as the new delivery driver who keeps his fellow employees in bellyaching laughs. Craig owes this phenomenal gift to the force majeure of his birth and childhood environment. That unique upbringing held him in good stead as he tested his first audiences when he discovered the joys of being the class clown.

This specification introduces terminology based on the terms defined in those specifications, as described earlier. Data mining tools and other user agents that perform operations on content without running scripts, evaluating CSS or XPath expressions, or otherwise exposing the resulting DOM to arbitrary content, may "support namespaces" by just asserting that their DOM node analogues are in certain namespaces, without actually exposing the namespace strings.

For instance, the colon has no special meaning in HTML element names. The Name production is defined in XML. The term throw in this specification is used as defined in Web IDL. When this specification requires a user agent to create a Date object representing a particular time which could be the special value Not-a-Number , the milliseconds component of that time, if any, must be truncated to an integer, and the time value of the newly created Date object must represent the resulting truncated time.

For instance, given the time millionths of a second after UTC on January 1st , i. If the given time is NaN, then the result is a Date object that represents a time value NaN indicating that the object does not represent a specific instant of time. Some parts of the language described by this specification only support JavaScript as the underlying scripting language. The following terms are defined in the JavaScript specification and used in this specification:.

User agents that support JavaScript must also implement the import. User agents that support JavaScript must also implement the BigInt proposal. This specification sometimes uses the term name to refer to the event's type ; as in, "an event named click " or "if the event name is keypress ". The terms "name" and "type" for events are synonymous. User agents are encouraged to implement the features described in execCommand. Implementations must support Media Queries. While support for CSS as a whole is not required of implementations of this specification though it is encouraged, at least for Web browsers , some features are defined in terms of specific CSS requirements.

When this specification requires that something be parsed according to a particular CSS grammar , the relevant algorithm in CSS Syntax must be followed, including error handling rules. For example, user agents are required to close all open constructs upon finding the end of a style sheet unexpectedly. Thus, when parsing the string " rgb 0,0,0 " with a missing close-parenthesis for a color value, the close parenthesis is implied by this error handling rule, and a value is obtained the color 'black'. However, the similar construct " rgb 0,0, " with both a missing parenthesis and a missing "blue" value cannot be parsed, as closing the open construct does not result in a viable value.

If color is 'currentcolor' , then:. If element is not given, then set color to opaque black. Otherwise, set color to the computed value of the 'color' property of element. Return color. The terms intrinsic width and intrinsic height refer to the width dimension and the height dimension, respectively, of intrinsic dimensions. The following features are defined in CSS Overflow. The algorithm to update animations and send events is defined in Web Animations. Implementations may support WebVTT as a text track format for subtitles, captions, metadata, etc. While support for MathML as a whole is not required by this specification though it is encouraged, at least for Web browsers , certain features depend upon small parts of MathML being implemented.

While support for SVG as a whole is not required by this specification though it is encouraged, at least for Web browsers , certain features depend upon parts of SVG being implemented. This specification does not require support of any particular network protocol, style sheet language, scripting language, or any of the DOM specifications beyond those required in the list above.

However, the language described by this specification is biased towards CSS as the styling language, JavaScript as the scripting language, and HTTP as the network protocol, and several features assume that those languages and protocols are in use. This specification might have certain additional requirements on character encodings, image formats, audio formats, and video formats in the respective sections.

Vendor-specific proprietary user agent extensions to this specification are strongly discouraged. Documents must not use such extensions, as doing so reduces interoperability and fragments the user base, allowing only users of specific user agents to access the content in question. All extensions must be defined so that the use of extensions neither contradicts nor causes the non-conformance of functionality defined in the specification. For example, while strongly discouraged from doing so, an implementation could add a new IDL attribute " typeTime " to a control that returned the time it took the user to select the current value of a control say.

On the other hand, defining a new control that appears in a form's elements array would be in violation of the above requirement, as it would violate the definition of elements given in this specification. When vendor-neutral extensions to this specification are needed, either this specification can be updated accordingly, or an extension specification can be written that overrides the requirements in this specification. When someone applying this specification to their activities decides that they will recognize the requirements of such an extension specification, it becomes an applicable specification for the purposes of conformance requirements in this specification.

Someone could write a specification that defines any arbitrary byte stream as conforming, and then claim that their random junk is conforming. However, that does not mean that their random junk actually is conforming for everyone's purposes: if someone else decides that that specification does not apply to their work, then they can quite legitimately say that the aforementioned random junk is just that, junk, and not conforming at all.

As far as conformance goes, what matters in a particular community is what that community agrees is applicable. User agents must treat elements and attributes that they do not understand as semantically neutral; leaving them in the DOM for DOM processors , and styling them according to CSS for CSS processors , but not inferring any meaning from them. When support for a feature is disabled e. For example, if a particular feature is accessed via an attribute in a Web IDL interface, the attribute itself would be omitted from the objects that implement that interface — leaving the attribute on the object but making it return null or throw an exception is insufficient.

Implementations of XPath 1. A QName in the node test is expanded into an expanded-name using the namespace declarations from the expression context. This is the same way expansion is done for element type names in start and end-tags except that the default namespace declared with xmlns is not used: if the QName does not have a prefix, then the namespace URI is null this is the same way attribute names are expanded. It is an error if the QName has a prefix for which there is no namespace declaration in the expression context.

If the QName has a prefix, then there must be a namespace declaration for this prefix in the expression context, and the corresponding namespace URI is the one that is associated with this prefix. If the QName has no prefix and the principal node type of the axis is element, then the default element namespace is used. The default element namespace is a member of the context for the XPath expression.

This is equivalent to adding the default element namespace feature of XPath 2. It is motivated by the desire to have implementations be compatible with legacy HTML content while still supporting the changes that this specification introduces to HTML regarding the namespace used for HTML elements, and by the desire to use XPath 1. This change is a willful violation of the XPath 1. XSLT 1. If the transformation program outputs an element in no namespace, the processor must, prior to constructing the corresponding DOM element node, change the namespace of the element to the HTML namespace , ASCII-lowercase the element's local name, and ASCII-lowercase the names of any non-namespaced attributes on the element.

This requirement is a willful violation of the XSLT 1. Processors that serialize the output are unaffected. However, XSLT processors must stop parsing if they successfully complete, and must set the current document readiness first to " interactive " and then to " complete " if they are aborted. This specification does not specify how XSLT interacts with the navigation algorithm, how it fits in with the event loop , nor how error pages are to be handled e.

Comparing two strings in a case-sensitive manner means comparing them exactly, code point for code point. Except where otherwise stated, string comparisons must be performed in a case-sensitive manner. A string pattern is a prefix match for a string s when pattern is not longer than s and truncating s to pattern 's length leaves the two strings as matches of each other.

This document defines the following policy-controlled features :. There are various places in HTML that accept particular data types, such as dates or numbers. This section describes what the conformance criteria for content in those formats is, and how to parse them. Implementors are strongly urged to carefully examine any third-party libraries they might consider using to implement the parsing of syntaxes described below. For example, date libraries are likely to implement error handling behavior that differs from what is required in this specification, since error-handling behavior is often not defined in specifications that describe date syntaxes similar to those used in this specification, and thus implementations tend to vary greatly in how they handle errors.

Some of the micro-parsers described below follow the pattern of having an input variable that holds the string being parsed, and having a position variable pointing at the next character to parse in input. A number of attributes are boolean attributes. The presence of a boolean attribute on an element represents the true value, and the absence of the attribute represents the false value.

If the attribute is present, its value must either be the empty string or a value that is an ASCII case-insensitive match for the attribute's canonical name, with no leading or trailing whitespace. The values "true" and "false" are not allowed on boolean attributes. To represent a false value, the attribute has to be omitted altogether.

Here is an example of a checkbox that is checked and disabled. The checked and disabled attributes are the boolean attributes. Some attributes are defined as taking one of a finite set of keywords. Such attributes are called enumerated attributes. The keywords are each defined to map to a particular state several keywords might map to the same state, in which case some of the keywords are synonyms of each other; additionally, some of the keywords can be said to be non-conforming, and are only in the specification for historical reasons.

In addition, two default states can be given. The first is the invalid value default , the second is the missing value default. If an enumerated attribute is specified, the attribute's value must be an ASCII case-insensitive match for one of the given keywords that are not said to be non-conforming, with no leading or trailing whitespace.

When the attribute is specified, if its value is an ASCII case-insensitive match for one of the given keywords then that keyword's state is the state that the attribute represents. If the attribute value matches none of the given keywords, but the attribute has an invalid value default , then the attribute represents that state. Otherwise, there is no default, and invalid values mean that there is no state represented.

When the attribute is not specified, if there is a missing value default state defined, then that is the state represented by the missing attribute. Otherwise, the absence of the attribute means that there is no state represented. The rules for parsing integers are as given in the following algorithm. When invoked, the steps must be followed in the order given, aborting at the first step that returns a value.

This algorithm will return either an integer or an error. Let input be the string being parsed. Let position be a pointer into input , initially pointing at the start of the string. Let sign have the value "positive". If position is past the end of input , return an error. Collect a sequence of code points that are ASCII digits from input given position , and interpret the resulting sequence as a base-ten integer.

Let value be that integer. If sign is "positive", return value , otherwise return the result of subtracting value from zero. A valid non-negative integer represents the number that is represented in base ten by that string of digits. The rules for parsing non-negative integers are as given in the following algorithm. This algorithm will return either zero, a positive integer, or an error. Let value be the result of parsing input using the rules for parsing integers. If value is an error, return an error. If value is less than zero, return an error. Return value. If there is no E, then the exponent is treated as zero.

The valid floating-point number concept is typically only used to restrict what is allowed for authors, while the user agent requirements use the rules for parsing floating-point number values below e. However, in some cases the user agent requirements include checking if a string is a valid floating-point number e. The best representation of the number n as a floating-point number is the string obtained from running ToString n.

The abstract operation ToString is not uniquely determined. When there are multiple possible strings that could be obtained from ToString for a particular value, the user agent must always return the same string for that value though it may differ from the value used by other user agents.

The rules for parsing floating-point number values are as given in the following algorithm. This algorithm must be aborted at the first step that returns something. This algorithm will return either a number or an error. Let value have the value 1. Let divisor have the value 1. Let exponent have the value 1. Multiply value by that integer.

If position is past the end of input , jump to the step labeled conversion.

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Advance position to the next character. Fraction loop : Multiply divisor by ten. Add the value of the character indicated by position , interpreted as a base-ten digit If position is past the end of input , then jump to the step labeled conversion. If the character indicated by position is an ASCII digit , jump back to the step labeled fraction loop in these substeps.

If the character indicated by position is not an ASCII digit , then jump to the step labeled conversion. Multiply exponent by that integer. Multiply value by ten raised to the exponent th power. Let rounded-value be the number in S that is closest to value , selecting the number with an even significand if there are two equally close values. Return rounded-value. This algorithm will return either a number greater than or equal to 0. Let position be a position variable for input , initially pointing at the start of input. If position is past the end of input or the code point at position within input is not an ASCII digit , then return failure.

Let value be that number. If position is past the end of input , then return value as a length. Advance position by 1. If position is past the end of input or the code point at position within input is not an ASCII digit , then return the current dimension value with value , input , and position. While true:. Multiply divisor by ten. Add the value of the code point at position within input , interpreted as a base-ten digit Return the current dimension value with value , input , and position. The current dimension value , given value , input , and position , is determined as follows:.

Return value as a length. This algorithm will return either a number greater than 0. Let value be the result of parsing input using the rules for parsing dimension values. If value is zero, return an error. If value is a percentage, return value as a percentage. In addition, there might be restrictions on the number of floating-point numbers that can be given, or on the range of values allowed.

The rules for parsing a list of floating-point numbers are as follows:. Let numbers be an initially empty list of floating-point numbers. This list will be the result of this algorithm. This skips past any leading delimiters. While position is not past the end of input :. This skips past leading garbage. Let number be the result of parsing unparsed number using the rules for parsing floating-point number values. If number is an error, set number to zero. Append number to numbers.

This skips past the delimiter. Return numbers. These rules return a list of zero or more pairs consisting of a number and a unit, the unit being one of percentage , relative , and absolute. Let raw input be the string being parsed. Split the string raw input on commas. Let raw tokens be the resulting list of tokens.

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For each token in raw tokens , run the following substeps:. Let input be the token. Let value be the number 0. Let unit be absolute. If position is past the end of input , set unit to relative and jump to the last substep. If the character at position is an ASCII digit , collect a sequence of code points that are ASCII digits from input given position , interpret the resulting sequence as an integer in base ten, and increment value by that integer. Let s be the resulting sequence.

If s is not the empty string, then:. Let length be the number of characters in s after the spaces were removed. Let fraction be the result of interpreting s as a base-ten integer, and then dividing that number by 10 length. Increment value by fraction. Add an entry to result consisting of the number given by value and the unit given by unit. Return the list result.

This takes into account leap years in the Gregorian calendar. When ASCII digits are used in the date and time syntaxes defined in this section, they express numbers in base ten. While the formats described here are intended to be subsets of the corresponding ISO formats, this specification defines parsing rules in much more detail than ISO Implementors are therefore encouraged to carefully examine any date parsing libraries before using them to implement the parsing rules described below; ISO libraries might not parse dates and times in exactly the same manner.

Where this specification refers to the proleptic Gregorian calendar , it means the modern Gregorian calendar, extrapolated backwards to year 1. A date in the proleptic Gregorian calendar , sometimes explicitly referred to as a proleptic-Gregorian date , is one that is described using that calendar even if that calendar was not in use at the time or place in question. The use of the Gregorian calendar as the wire format in this specification is an arbitrary choice resulting from the cultural biases of those involved in the decision.

See also the section discussing date, time, and number formats in forms for authors , implementation notes regarding localization of form controls , and the time element. A month consists of a specific proleptic-Gregorian date with no time-zone information and no date information beyond a year and a month.

A string is a valid month string representing a year year and month month if it consists of the following components in the given order:. The rules to parse a month string are as follows. This will return either a year and month, or nothing. If at any point the algorithm says that it "fails", this means that it is aborted at that point and returns nothing.

Parse a month component to obtain year and month. If this returns nothing, then fail. If position is not beyond the end of input , then fail. Return year and month. The rules to parse a month component , given an input string and a position , are as follows. This will return either a year and a month, or nothing. If the collected sequence is not at least four characters long, then fail. Otherwise, interpret the resulting sequence as a base-ten integer. Let that number be the year. If year is not a number greater than zero, then fail.

Otherwise, move position forwards one character. If the collected sequence is not exactly two characters long, then fail. Let that number be the month. A string is a valid date string representing a year year , month month , and day day if it consists of the following components in the given order:. The rules to parse a date string are as follows. This will return either a date, or nothing. Parse a date component to obtain year , month , and day. Let date be the date with year year , month month , and day day.

Return date. The rules to parse a date component , given an input string and a position , are as follows. This will return either a year, a month, and a day, or nothing. Let maxday be the number of days in month month of year year. Let that number be the day.

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Return year , month , and day. A string is a valid yearless date string representing a month month and a day day if it consists of the following components in the given order:.

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In other words, if the month is " 02 ", meaning February, then the day can be 29, as if the year was a leap year. The rules to parse a yearless date string are as follows. This will return either a month and a day, or nothing. Parse a yearless date component to obtain month and day. Return month and day. The rules to parse a yearless date component , given an input string and a position , are as follows. If the collected sequence is not exactly zero or two characters long, then fail. Let maxday be the number of days in month month of any arbitrary leap year e.

A string is a valid time string representing an hour hour , a minute minute , and a second second if it consists of the following components in the given order:. The second component cannot be 60 or 61; leap seconds cannot be represented. The rules to parse a time string are as follows.

This will return either a time, or nothing. Parse a time component to obtain hour , minute , and second. Let time be the time with hour hour , minute minute , and second second. Return time. The rules to parse a time component , given an input string and a position , are as follows. This will return either an hour, a minute, and a second, or nothing. Let that number be the hour. Let that number be the minute. Let second be 0. Advance position to the next character in input.

If position is beyond the end of input , or at the last character in input , or if the next two characters in input starting at position are not both ASCII digits , then fail. Otherwise, interpret the resulting sequence as a base-ten number possibly with a fractional part. Set second to that number. Return hour , minute , and second. A string is a valid local date and time string representing a date and time if it consists of the following components in the given order:. A string is a valid normalized local date and time string representing a date and time if it consists of the following components in the given order:.

The rules to parse a local date and time string are as follows. This will return either a date and time, or nothing. Return date and time. A string is a valid time-zone offset string representing a time-zone offset if it consists of either:. There is no guarantee that this will remain so forever, however, since time zones are used as political footballs and are thus subject to very whimsical policy decisions. See also the usage notes and examples in the global date and time section below for details on using time-zone offsets with historical times that predate the formation of formal time zones.

The rules to parse a time-zone offset string are as follows. This will return either a time-zone offset, or nothing. Parse a time-zone offset component to obtain timezone hours and timezone minutes. Return the time-zone offset that is timezone hours hours and timezone minutes minutes from UTC. The rules to parse a time-zone offset component , given an input string and a position , are as follows. This will return either time-zone hours and time-zone minutes, or nothing. Let timezone hours be 0.

Let timezone minutes be 0. Let s be the collected sequence. If s is exactly two characters long, then:. Interpret s as a base-ten integer. Let that number be the timezone hours. Let that number be the timezone minutes. If s is exactly four characters long, then:. Interpret the first two characters of s as a base-ten integer. Interpret the last two characters of s as a base-ten integer. Otherwise, fail. Return timezone hours and timezone minutes. A string is a valid global date and time string representing a date, time, and a time-zone offset if it consists of the following components in the given order:.

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Time before the formation of time zones must be expressed and interpreted as UT1 times with explicit time zones that approximate the contemporary difference between the appropriate local time and the time observed at the location of Greenwich, London. The following are some examples of dates written as valid global date and time strings. The rules to parse a global date and time string are as follows. This will return either a time in UTC, with associated time-zone offset information for round-tripping or display purposes, or nothing.

If position is beyond the end of input , then fail. Let time be the moment in time at year year , month month , day day , hours hour , minute minute , second second , subtracting timezone hours hours and timezone minutes minutes. That moment in time is a moment in the UTC time zone. Let timezone be timezone hours hours and timezone minutes minutes from UTC. Return time and timezone. Each week-year in this calendaring system has either 52 or 53 such seven-day periods, as defined below.

The seven-day period starting on the Gregorian date Monday December 29th is defined as week number 1 in week-year We will be interfacing with WordPress significantly, being able to speak the same language would be great. Having experience with Memcached, Varnish or experience with complicated CDN setups with many rules would be a plus.

See more jobs at Empire Flippers How do you apply? We just want up to three minutes of you explaining based on your previous experience why this Rails engineering position is an excellent fit for you and us. You will be an instrumental piece of a small team with a mandate to grow the footprint of the Cryptowat.

Succeeding in this role requires creative thinking, proven software development skills, and flexibility with your toolset and processes. You will work closely with marketers and product managers on the Growth team to design experiments, build minimum viable products, and translate data into insights. By rapidly iterating through experiments to learn about our customers and drive growth, your work will directly impact the product roadmap and bottom line of the Cryptowatch business.

As a fullstack developer passionate about driving towards business goals, you will work up and down the stack and pick up new tools and frameworks quickly. JS framework. The Growth Marketing Manager on the Cryptowatch team will be responsible for growing quality traffic to the Cryptowatch platform, and work closely with Product, Marketing, and Business Operations to learn about our audience, bring them to the platform, and share insights with our broader teams.

This role will focus primarily on organic traffic generation, with some paid acquisition efforts. You will move seamlessly between strategy and execution rapidly with the goal of compounding the growth of quality traffic to the platform. We work remotely, so this role requires strong self-management skills and a willingness to strive ahead with your ideas even when no one is watching. At Kraken, you will have an opportunity to grow a one-of-a-kind product in a fascinating intersection of finance and technology with a truly global team.

Compensation is on an hourly or project basis. These systems are primarily responsible for providing external customer access to the continuous feed of imagery we receive from the sat You proactively propose solutions and improvements to ensure that our core infrastructure is always running at peak efficiency. You work with everyone from the technical side to the operations side with endless opportunities to take on responsibility, mentor and continue learning. Our team of highly-productive healthcare enthusiasts, startup junkies and everything in between is the best thing about working here.

On-site chef, flexible hours and paid benefits? Yeah, we have those too. We embrace diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. Qualified applicants will be considered for employment without regard to minority status, gender, disability or veteran status.

They will be comfortable handling orchestration tools and dealing with frustrating large data sets. You will also know how to sacrifice algorithm elegance, for getting it done on deadline, and know when it is time to refactor some code to improve latency in various situations. PacketFabric has revolutionized how companies procure, deploy, and manage network connectivity with our network-as-a-service platform. The product team is a small, talented, and close knit-group and we need some who has a passion for well written documentation to help provide our customers with a superior experience.

As a well-rounded individual, your contributions will be the among the most highly visible in the organization, to our customers and our partners. You should have a healthy appreciation of facing a variety of diverse challenges outside of your comfort level and working under pressure. This position focuses on the creation of material for the PacketFabric knowledgebase in the form of how-to articles, videos, and API documentation. Please note that this role is only open to candidates in the United States, no relocation will be provided. Engineer I with demonstrated experience designing and implementing enterprise scale web solutions.

The ideal candidate will bring both strategic vision and solid execution skills to create responsive web applications for mobile and desktop. This person should have the ability to start a new project from scratch, estimate effort and time to complete tasks, balance short term needs with long term goals, and managing tasks with appropriate priority and guidance. The ideal candidate should have wide knowledge and experience within front end technologies.

Come help add functionality to our API. Build some super awesome control panels to allow non-robot humans to control the robots in a way where the robots do their job, and there aren't anymore annoying robot uprisings. The API is written in Node. Our mobile app is written in ionic3. Our dashboard is Angular. We have some tools written in React.

Our ideal candidate is as passionate about Javascript as we are, and has full stack experience. You will own a core project and will build and lead a small team. Working with our performance directors you will be responsible for the daily management, analysis and optimisation of campaigns.

We execute our work to a very high standard and are looking for people who are the best in the in the industry. Teramind is building a team of top-notch senior tech support engineers. You will work hand-in-hand with engineers perform triage, cause analysis, debugging and troubleshooting of our product installations.

See more jobs at Teramind How do you apply? With our team, you can build your skills and push yourself to learn new things. Your ideas and experience will help build all aspects of the business. We enjoy discovering and implementing technology solutions that improve our business in exciting ways, and we think you will too. You will need a passion for solving challenges facing a solid, growing business. Aiding in the design of solid clean products. You can also work in our Kennesaw, GA, office if you prefer.

We currently work on a number of exciting digital projects that require to be treated with expertise and passion for the job - a job that could soon be yours! A Migration Advisor takes a hands-on role, transferring businesses from sellers to buyers in a safe and efficient manner. This can be a stressful time for both parties as they near completion of a potentially life-changing deal. It will be your mission to oversee the asset transfer, keep things moving forward and ensure that everyone is in the loop regarding the migration status.

You will need to work weird hours sometimes to make sure you can get on the phone with sellers in different time zones. You will also need to be extremely detail-oriented to make sure that processes are followed to a tee. We are constantly refining this process to make the transfer as seamless as possible and ensure that we are in-line with any updates to program terms and conditions. As you become more seasoned, you will be tasked with improving this migration process. It will be your job to ensure that the migration is conducted in line with the contract. A good fit is actually more important to us than the skill sets since we will teach you everything you need to know.

Migration is a meticulous job. The migration team regularly interact with other areas of the business. You need to be good at communicating your thoughts and getting buy-in from colleagues. Buying and selling a business is an intimate process. There will almost always be obstacles and challenges for you to help both parties overcome. The migration position will require you to get on the phone a lot with buyers and sellers. Your phone communication needs to be spot-on and you have to be comfortable making those calls to get all the information we need from the buyer and seller.

If you want to build something more than just a 9-to-5 job, then apply with us! Doximity is transforming the healthcare industry. Our mission is to help doctors be more productive, informed, and connected. As a software engineer, you'll work within cross-functional delivery teams alongside other engineers, designers, and product managers in building software to help improve healthcare. We have built and maintain a suite of fully-native iOS and Android apps that healthcare professionals use on a daily basis to increase productivity and provide better patient care.

Click here to see more information about our stack. We have several interesting projects in the pipeline and are looking for a talented iOS Software Engineer to join our growing team of 10 mobile engineers. Doximity is based in San Francisco, CA, but remote applicants are welcomed! Joining Doximity means being part of an incredibly talented and humble team. To learn more about our team, culture, and users, check out our careers page, company blog, and engineering blog. We also consider qualified applicants with criminal histories, consistent with applicable federal, state and local law.

We have built and maintain a suite of fully-native Android and iOS apps that healthcare professionals use on a daily basis to increase productivity and provide better patient care. It utilizes a modular reactive architecture, which has drastically decreased the build time and has made the development process much more pleasant. You'll be part of our entrepreneurial development team, and you'll have the opportunity to help us grow stronger, by bringing high-level ideas to our platform that will scale and grow to millions of users worldwide. You have a curiosity to analyze and interpret data.

Describe in a few sentences the nature of the project involving Elasticsearch. Wir wollen, dass unsere Kunden effektiver und innovativer sind. Gemeinsam erreichen wir hochgesteckte Ziele, weil wir auf partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit setzen. Weitere Sprachkenntnisse wie Englisch sind von Vorteil. Beim Einbringen von eigenen Ideen innerhalb der Projekte lassen wir dir viel Freiraum. Wir wissen, dass uns dein Talent und deine Tatkraft weiter nach vorne bringen und sind dir partnerschaftlicher Arbeitgeber mit offenem Ohr und lebendiger Wir-Kultur.

Our next-generation, all-in-one social media SaaS platform utilizes a proprietary scoring algorithm to discover, evaluate, and rank social content, changing how enterprises, franchises, and affiliates market on social media to their target audiences. We focus heavily on individual mentorship and guidance, peer feedback and are always pushing ourselves and each other to the next level. We focus on moving fast, learning fast, and not looking back.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex including sexual orientation and gender identity, national origin, disability, protected Veteran Status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state, or local law. Though we sell mostly direct to consumer, we have a small, mighty, and growing business selling into high schools, districts, and other organizations we call this B2B. The Sales Support Specialist will tackle key components to build a pipeline of teachers, counselors, principals, and other qualified leads to support Magoosh's aggressive B2B growth goals.

Beyond lead generation and prospecting, the Sales Support Specialist will support and nurture current classroom and school partnerships. If desired, additional hours may be worked outside of scheduled shifts. You'll have input on your hours, but we'd need to have some overlap with school schedules in multiple US time zones. Join the close-knit engineering team that designs and develops our industry leading patient engagement platform.

Hone your skills in an agile, collaborative environment and work with us to measurably improve the state of healthcare globally. Programs developed on our platform are used by life science companies to inspire brand loyalty, improve health literacy, and maximize medication adherence. We are in the midst of an exciting period of growth as we expand the number of programs developed on our platform and are seeking smart, hard-working, and self-directed individuals who can thrive in a fast-paced and collaborative environment. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

HealthPrize also expressly prohibits any form of workplace harassment based on any of the above. This entails adding new features and performing bug fixes. We are seeking a motivated individual capable of managing their time and tasks. The rest of your hours can be flexed. Preferred years of recent experience.

Net Core. NET applications. NET core, Angular material. As a SET at Netdata, you will need to be passionate about Software Quality Assurance, capable of both exploratory manual testing and authoring of test suites for automated testing. Our products include both modern microservices-based backends, reactive web applications and monolithic, statically linked linux binaries.

Your knowledge and experience in test automation across the 'test pyramid', in various platforms combined with your excellent communication and teamwork skills will actively contribute to the quality of the Netdata platform. Your work will entail significant scripting work in order to automate processes and setup testing environments. We believe that people should have all their data without sacrificing their privacy, and this can be achieved through a good product with excellent user experience.

We are always welcoming new heroes to join us to build Mixin Network and Messenger together. Unlike other blockchain projects, they aims at a distributed OS with complicated programming capabilities, Mixin focuses on the transferring of digital assets. The simplicity has given Mixin the ability to irreversibly confirm transactions in seconds. Compared to a similar project Bitcoin Lightning Network, Mixin has more than BTC in the network and much much more active transactions.

We see it as an important entrance to Mixin Network, to help people transfer all their crypto assets and their messages securely. You will mainly have three kind of works to focus, but you are free to choose some new one. Open data visualization. Our code is open source, and Mixin Network is a public ledger. So we need to build an explorer for it. Create the framework for Mixin Messenger bot.

Our Messenger has many active users, they use many popular bots, but we still don't have an bot framework for developers. You may create the framework to help developers creating better bots. Build useful and interesting bots. We build our own bots for both internal use and public use, some are just showcases maybe. The ideal candidate should be located in East or West Europe. We've been around since but the market has exploded with a massive increase in user awareness for online privacy.

This role requires that you deal with sales, billing and technical enquiries. The primary support channels for now are are web tickets and live chat. You need to communicate those regularly to our engineering teams and management. Please click on the button below to submit your application. We got there because we have a killer open-source culture.

We have over fifty open-source repos, hundreds of downloads a week, and we attend meetups all over the world to help developers. We quickly realized the business case for open-source: by making innovative and useful tools for developers, you gain their trust and win more business. Unmock is the beating heart of our company: all of our business comes from it, and we have met a passionate and diverse group of engineers along the way, from users to enthusiastic influencers to partnerships with companies like CircleCI to conversations with some of the largest tech companies in the world.

This would mostly be through code contributions, repository design and articles. We are looking for a polyglot that feels comfortable writing idiomatic, beautiful code in many different languages. At our heart, we are a functional-programming company, and we are especially interested in candidates that are passionate about languages like Scala, Haskell, PureScript, OCaml, ReasonML, Coq, Clojure, Scheme, F , and projects like fp-ts and fp-core. Your job starts with having your ear to that need by attending conferences, working with developers from other companies, and working with our other amazing open-source engineers to make a dent in the world.

From there, we expect you to have the autonomy and drive to create compelling features, make bold and opinionated stylistic choices, onboard contributors, and defend your ideas and choices in writing. We embrace it. This means that, unlike many open source projects, we look for ways to convert the most value-additive aspects of our open source code bases into services that companies pay for on a recurring basis. We expect all employees working with our open source projects to have bold ideas about which elements of our open source projects can be viable services and take risks to build prototypes of these services.

When you apply, please point to a place we can learn about these things. We are low on formalities and high on substance, and in addition to our operational team, we have a broad network of advisors and investors that are always willing to help out in ideation and introductions.

We have a generous office hours and vacation policy, but we are one of the most high-intensity and high-output companies in town due to the fast pace of our industry. Because of this, we are also hyper-sensitive to stress and wellbeing, and offer employees ample opportunities to recharge and feel good. We know that, if you are part of one of these groups, you may have suffered from systemic industry-wide biases that make it more difficult for you to shine than other folks.

We don't like that, and we are committed to evaluating every candidate on their own merits given their unique experiences. We have over thirty years of combined experience contributing to and leading open source projects. If you share the same love and appetite for a challenge, come work with us! We also offer fat-tire bikes, cargo bikes and ADA-compliant bikes - making us the only shared mobility provider with this breadth of options. We design and engineer our own vehicles, hardware and software systems to provide a greener, healthier mode of transportation to make the communities we serve more sustainable and livable.

Our mission is to offer the best combination of multi-modal sharing technology and seamless customer service, so users can unlock joy in their day. We are looking for exceptionally talented individuals who are ready to take on exciting challenges and own solutions. We are headquartered in Chicago, IL, but we are hiring across the U. Join us! Do you enjoy creating mobile applications for iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches?

Are you willing to build a bridge between software and hardware and apply cutting-edge techniques to serve the users? Are you excited about solving some of the most challenging problems in transportation and urban planning? We strive for completeness and accuracy, and we work to make it accessible for everyone. The ideal applicant will be very intelligent, organized, ambitious, hard working, self-motivated, and have good leadership abilities. We need a CTO who is willing to take less money in the short term but get a lot of equity. We are looking for someone who will be a partner in the ups and downs and is who is comfortable with uncertainty.

It's preferable that this individual be in the US and move if necessary to our base in Southern California.