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Lola is a creative coach as well as a speaker, writer and podcaster. She is also the founder of the One Girl Band co-working space in Brighton, a place for women to connect, support and empower each other.

Everyday Creative Coaching

In her coaching work, Lola helps female entrepreneurs and creatives who either want to start their journey as a small business owner, or want to get to the next level of their creative venture. The other half is spent working on the practicalities such as content creation and scheduling, productivity, social media, your ideal customer etc. Rather than just giving my two pence all of the time, I ask questions and guide them towards their true answers as I think that can have so much impact.

In my Power Sessions, we usually focus on challenges the client is having at that moment in time. Over the two hours, we go through each challenge one by one, spending time and energy on it until they feel good. They need help with their mindset as well as the practical side of business, but mostly, they need someone who understands it all by their side. Then, we work on creating 3 or 4 actionable goals for them to complete before we speak again a fortnight later.

They feel like they have the resources and tools needed to create a sustainable and consistent brand whilst still looking after themselves. They feel like they have a hold on their mindset. The reason I started coaching was to show women just how powerful they are, even though they might not be able to see it just yet.

I work primarily with women who are leading families, their own business or teams within organisations. Through my masters research, I found that self-doubt is such a complex and deeply subjective phenomenon and I am fascinated by the tentacles it weaves into our lives and work, our creativity and relationships. This involves acres of compassion.

I can be with the discomfort of facing the root cause of your self-doubt. My coaching is informed by several bodies of knowledge, including Attachment Theory and Adult Development Models. And how we can change the stories we tell ourselves, about what we are capable of. I work with people for at least three months, because cultivating self-belief while living a complex and busy life, takes time.

I take a thoughtful enquiry approach, asking questions and giving you the space to reflect. But I also have a tonne of evidence-based approaches to help you make meaningful progress. We get to the root causes of your self doubt and help you make sense and meaning from different perspectives. So I help you connect the dots and interrupt patterns.

Love What You Do

The idea is to create opportunities for you to think and feel differently about your relationship with your self-doubt. This offers a greater capacity for taking new action that is ease-filled. The external changes tend to be tangible and involve progress towards whatever brought them to coaching.

The unseen changes are less easy to measure but seem to be powerful and long-lasting. There is no failure, only feedback. What seemed like failure can be thought of as success that just stopped too soon. With this understanding, we can stop blaming ourselves and others, find solutions and improve the quality of what we do.

Behind every behavior there is a positive intention. When we understand that other people have some positive intention in what they say and do however annoying and negative it may seem to us , it can be easier to stop getting angry and start to move forward. Anything can be accomplished if the task is broken down into small enough steps.

Achievement becomes easier if activities are manageable. NLP can help you learn how to analyze what needs to be done and find ways to be both efficient and effective.

Did you get it?

What is Hypnosis? To understand hypnosis, we need to start by defining it.

Most simply, hypnosis involves a change in the way we sense, perceive, feel, think, and act while following the suggestions of someone else. Hypnotic suggestions work best when you suspend your own conscious control over your behavior.

This is a pretty serious commitment. Why should you give over the keys of your mental ignition over to this stranger? Part of this process is an informed consent of sorts. However, hypnotists also work hard at this pre-hypnosis stage to establish their credibility. You are getting very sleepy Hypnotherapy is an used methodology to help people with several issues like bad habits, addiction to food , stopping smoking, insomnia, anxiety, I also teach techniques to better manage the emotional stress of everyday professional and personal life.

Soon I will be launching an education programm over 6 months for those who are looking for a new path. Nurses Speak Both the language of health care and of Whole-Person healing. Want to hear more about how I can transform your life?

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Contact me today to schedule a session. Tatyana has helped me find my voice as a comedic speaker and supported me with my mindset to have the courage to make comedy an integral part of my business. Tatyana also brings her creativity, marketing and writing smarts to the table. Get in touch. She is insightful, funny as hell, compassionate, thinks outside of the box, allows people their own space and freedom to explore their path, creative, trustworthy, and an all around awesome person. Coach, Facilitator, Consultant. Let's go exploring! I needed someone to be my coach, referee, and cheerleader.

Tatyana was exactly what I needed — an advisor, a critic, a friend. I would hire her again in a heartbeat. Email me! Get a fresh perspective. This helped me see where I was getting in the way of myself. Through our sessions we refined the brand voice, created a hyper-focused strategy and most of all learned how to provide the best possible service to our wellness rebels.

Enjoy the process