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First, it was written by five leading practitioner-theorists in digital media and digital humanities. Another unique thing is that each chapter was written collaboratively. I don't know of any other academic book written by leaders in their respective fields that was created in this way.

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This is also the key message of the book - that the design is essential to digital humanities. This much needed perspective was so far missing from the field. And finally, you can download the pdf of the book for free. It is not a collection of individually authored scholarly papers or research reports on the history of, or critical engagement with, the Digital Humanities. But the realization of such an inclusive vision encounters many obstacles as copyright restrictions, for instance. The prevailing culture of the Digital Humanities will become entrepreneurial, much like engineering.

Careers will be built around answers to questions like: What are interesting opportunities?

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What is fundable? Which lab is doing the most exciting work?

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According to the book, knowledge design becomes very important. Design means shaping knowledge.

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  • Developing an understanding of technical components will therefore be essential and projects without high design standards are unlikely to achieve enduring results, the authors believe. Humanists still have much to learn about design and production of networked repositories and new media environments. Practice and theory must be exchanged, authorship and display converge in a way that arguments become visible, both graphically and spatially. Relations among visible entities have to become tractable. So far, the short cut of this extremely interesting book.

    This corresponds with the view in Europe, where some scholars fear the unfriendly takeover of a reductive, non-objective thinking, in the Humanities, and other welcome the Digital Humanities either as a support towards human sciences, or even as the spearhead of a full transformation of the Humanities — please see my separate post to the Hamburg Conference on this.

    The authors support the view that concepts of authorship, document and provenance are becoming fluid, as already mentioned above.

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    This will also reshape the notion of the scholar, as many agree. But they probably underestimate the resistance of experts that gain their identity from their genuine professional work, and do not want their vocation and profile to be imposed by the computer technology. Another vision that has to be relativized is the rise of global digital commons. It is true that cultural goods will virtual be accessible more and more in the Internet.

    Form is important, no doubt, but it should still follow function. The interaction between content and form determines whether a project or product will succeed, and not design itself.

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    But I agree with the main message of the book: humanities that count will have to demonstrate the contributions to knowledge and society they are making in the digital era. Anyway: If colleagues want to know what the Digital Humanities are, I will recommend them to read this book. It is extremely well informed and written and shows what new forms of knowledge production and diffusion we will encounter in the next future.

    It is a collection of the relevant elements in digital thinking in the Humanities , sort of a declaration for a new scientific practice. An important book! More Posts - Website. Follow Me:. Thank you very much for this really interesting review.

    I am myself yet at the ent of the second chapter and hope to finish it soon. We agree that the book is insisting too much on the importance of design.