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Government U. Presidents World Leaders. The Story Behind Oktoberfest Now, as Munich's famous Oktoberfest is underway, revelers will be harking back to centuries of local history. One protester played drums next to a cardboard cut-out of Chinese president Xi Jinping as onlookers stood by.

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In April , the Hong Kong government formally announced its proposal for a new voting system , ignoring calls for a more democratic process. Then in June, the blueprint was rejected after it failed to gain a two-thirds majority in the Legislative Council — "The starting point of another wave of democratic movement," pro-democracy legislator Alan Leong said. Long-time activists like Joseph Cheng, one of the organisers of Occupy Central, thinks that China must ultimately accept the pro-democracy movement.

Topics: activism-and-lobbying , communism , forms-of-government , government-and-politics , elections , law-crime-and-justice , hong-kong , china , asia. First posted September 28, Contact Adam Connors.

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By Adam Connors. Photo: A pro-democracy protester pleads with police not to use force in Mongkok. AFP: Anthony Wallace. Related Story: Hong Kong announces voting system, will not compromise on pre-selected candidates. Photo: Tens of thousands at a candlelight vigil in Victoria Park to mark the 25th anniversary of the massacre in Reuters: Bobby Yip. The context is far different to , writes Hamish McDonald.

Photo: A Chinese soldier 2nd L holding the national flag prior to its raising as the British military march at right during the handover ceremony. Getty: Anthony Kwan. Photo: People line up at a polling station on the last day of civil referendum held by the Occupy Central organisers in Hong Kong. Photo: Messages on the walls of Hong Kong government offices tell Mr Leung to resign or have his office occupied. Photo: Students from more than 20 universities and colleges packed into the grounds of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Reuters: Tyrone Siu. Photo: Riot policemen use pepper spray during clashes with protesters. Photo: Police fire tear gas upon pro-democracy demonstrators near the Hong Kong government headquarters. Long road to democracy Hong Kong's pro-democracy protesters feel the only way to get Beijing to listen is to shout louder, writes Kerry Brown. Photo: Pro-democracy protesters right protect a barricade from rival protest groups left in the Mong Kok district. Beijing locals sceptical of revolution Hong Kong's student-led pro-democracy movement will fail or end in a compromise, Beijing residents tell Huey Fern Tay.

Photo: Protesters watch formal talks between student leaders and government officials.

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Reuters: Carlos Barria. Support for Umbrella Revolution Hundreds of colourful notes have been posted to the wall of Sydney's Hong Kong House as a symbol of support for protesters blockading Hong Kong streets. Photo: Student leaders at Hong Kong airport before their scheduled flight to Beijing.

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AFP: Alex Ogle. Photo: Founders of the Occupy movement come out of a police station.

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AFP: Johannes Eisele. Photo: Hong Kong police officers clear the last protest site at Causeway Bay shopping district. Reuters: Athit Perawongmetha. Photo: Police and trucks clean up an area previously blocked by pro-democracy supporters. Photo: Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters sleep at the entrance to government headquarters on Monday morning, as protests continue well into a second week. Reuters: Carlos Barria Photo: A masked anti-Occupy Central protester holds pliers as he cuts cable ties at barricades setup as road blocks. Reuters: Tyrone Siu Photo: A small group of protesters continue to block a street in Hong Kong's Central district as protesters begin to leave the streets after a week of demonstrations.

Getty Images: Paula Bronstein Photo: Protestors attempt to stop some students from sitting-in on another major link road. Reuters: Carlos Barria Photo: Police stand at the blockade outside the main government building at 4am. Reuters: Carlos Barria Photo: A protest sign makes a comment against the heavy-handed early police action that spurred demonstrators to prolong their action.

Reuters: Tyrone Siu Photo: Some students want to follow the lead of global 'Occupy' protest movements, a strategy that could bring them into direct confrontation with the government. Audience submitted: Fiona Altoft Photo: Protesters have been largely peaceful, sitting on streets and establishing a makeshift protest village in the CBD.

Audience submitted: Fiona Altoft Photo: Pro-democracy signs hang by a roadside during protests. Audience submitted: Fiona Altoft Photo: A pro-democracy protester sleeps on a road. Audience submitted: Fiona Altoft Photo: Thousands of protesters pack a street.